April 19, 2013

'Finding Peace in Troubled Times'

I was browsing through documents on my computer tonight when I came across a file entitled, "Finding Peace in Troubled Times." I have been having a rough night and intrigued I clicked open the document. To my surprise it was the talk I gave in sacrament about a year ago. The talk I gave was based on the talk originally given by Elder Per G. Malm of the seventy.

As I re-read this talk I thought how strange it was that something not at all significant back then would be so very prominently needed in my life right now. And how perfect it was that I just happened to re-discover the talk at this moment when I needed it so badly.

I am so grateful for Heavenly Father in my life. I am so grateful for this gospel that has been restored to the earth and that I was lucky enough to be born into it. I am grateful that I have a testimony of it's truthfulness and that I can say that I KNOW Jesus Christ died for my sins and because of that sacrifice I am able to return home to Him if I endure to the end and keep the covenants I have made.

If you ever feel alone. If you feel that you just can't keep going, ask for help. He will help you. You are strong enough to endure and when you can not endure anymore He will be there for you. I know this. I have felt His presence in my life. He was with me in the hospital when I lost my boys. He was holding me in His arms. He loves you. You are precious to Him.