May 4, 2011

puppy love

If any of you know me at all you know that I am quite the animal enthusiast. I have been hounding Rob to buy us a puppy ever since we got married! He keeps promising me that we will get one this year....I just can't seem to wait that long though. Anyway, we are looking for a little maltese girl and all the sites we have found have them priced around $1500; apparently Rob was not aware that dogs were so expensive so now he is more hesistant than ever to buy us one for my birthday (since we are still on the job hunt and money is sparse). I decided that instead of spending all my massage money on clothes (I'm a girl, what do you expect) I am going to start putting it away for a puppy fund!
Side note: Any of you (not serial killer) girls out there want a massage I can do house calls and am excellent, if I do say so myself, I charge $65 but if you book three with me I can cut it to $50 each.
Anyway, we just can't wait until out family is complete (who needs kids? jk) and we have this little girl join us and scamper around pooping on all the carpets!

Much love, The Wicks

Robert Moore Wick

On Friday April 29th my lover husband graduated from Thunderbird with his MBA. We are all so proud of him!
and so the job hunt continues! Wish us luck.

In a closet in my house I keep a small box hidden away. It is sacred and special to me. At least once a year I pull it out and it re-op...