April 20, 2011

arizona, my love

Despite the fact that Rob graduates in a week, we are still not sure where we are heading after that. Our lease is up at the end of May.. We would like to stay in Arizona but there is a strong chance that we will have to leave. I can not decide if I am really excited or sad about this. I will of course be happy where ever I am with Rob and starting our life together in a new state would be fun but I would also be very sad to leave it all! Oh well, here's to the future!

April 10, 2011


Last weekend my momma was sweet enought to fly me out to Dallas where my sisters were for a little girls weekend. It was the first time all the little nieces got to meet and it was precious to see them loving on each other.
I love my family and I can't wait to see them all in California this summer for our annual family reunion!

In a closet in my house I keep a small box hidden away. It is sacred and special to me. At least once a year I pull it out and it re-op...