January 30, 2011

Taste of India.

As most of you know Rob and I recently returned from a three week trip to India. It was good, bad and every where in between! As we still do not have a cord to hook-up our ghetto ancient camera we cannot upload all the pictures, however Rob did manage to snap a few on his phone which ironically may have taken better quality pictures anyway.
During our first week we stayed in Delhi which is the capital and kind of like the DC of India. This picture was taken outside the 'Kingdom of Dreams' theater which puts on plays. They are comparable to Broadway on crack. Rob gave my favorite description, "it's like a Broadway play, a rock concert and a laser show all in one." You literally have people clapping, whistling, and yelling in their seats while music is blaring throughout the theater during every dance number (which are about every five minutes) everyone gets up and dances along with them! It was a freaking blast! Seriously, once you go Bollywood you never go back.

Before the show you go into a separate building as seen here. There you eat, shop and look at the amazing decorations that are everywhere. At one point during our dinner a parade even passed by the table. And don't be surprised if you walk by a corner with an old Indian man, turban and all, playing a sitar.
If you are ever in Delhi Rob and I definitely recommend visiting the Kingdom of dreams! It is well worth the money and will give you an awesome authentic Indian experience, as long as you don't mind watching a play completely in Hindi that is.

After a train ride from hell we finally arrive at the truly breathtaking Taj Mahal.Built by the emperor for his wife (take notes husbands) it stands as a symbol of eternal love. Interestingly enough it was in fact built by the Persians which you come to discover most of the really amazing buildings in India were.

Once you reach a mile radius of the mausoleum you must transfer to an electric car so as to reduce pollution which might damage the marble of the structure. As seen here, all are also required to either remove there shoes or wear these sexy little booties when walking on the actual structure. Obviously we opted for what seemed the more hygienic of the two. Believe me from what we were smelling you would not want to be sharing ground with some of those people.

Pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the marble and hand
pieced gem designs that cover the entire building.

So, sadly folks this is the last of the usable pictures. Once we upload the rest I promise to update with some more crazy Indian stories but for now, goodbye!

January 16, 2011

welcome, welcome

Alas, we have caved and joined the blogging community. Feel free to join us in our exploration of life, marriage, travel and just about everything else.

In a closet in my house I keep a small box hidden away. It is sacred and special to me. At least once a year I pull it out and it re-op...